Baby Girl Nursery Themes – 22 Modern And Cute Ideas

Baby Girl Nursery Themes

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A perfect way to show your baby girl some love is by giving her a beautiful baby girl’s nursery with a special theme. There are so many wonderful themes you can choose from, and each one offers something unique for your little one’s space.

Baby Girl Nursery Themes Ideas

Some of the cutest and most popular baby girl nursery themes are :


1. Floral Theme

A floral theme is a timeless classic for a baby girl’s room. You can incorporate soft pastel colours and intricate designs with flowers, or you could opt for bolder and brighter hues with bolder design elements. Floral wallpaper, decals, and rugs are always popular choices to make the little girl’s room feel extra special.

Floral Theme - Baby Girl Nursery Themes

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2. Princess Theme

A princess nursery theme is ideal for any little girl who loves dreaming of fairytales and castles. This sweet nursery theme provides plenty of opportunities for customizing the room with colourful rugs, soft pillows, and pretty decorations. A canopy bed or a fabric draped over the crib are popular choices as well to make your baby feel like royalty in her very own castle. Use oriental rugs ,white furniture, framed artwork and gold accents in your daughter’s nursery that make quite a statement.

Princess Theme -Baby Girl Nursery Themes


3. Animal Theme

An animal-themed nursery can be a fun and whimsical way to decorate your baby’s room. A zoo or safari theme with stuffed animals, wall decals, or art prints of wild animals is another cute idea for baby nursery. If you want to keep things more subtle, you could do a woodland theme with muted colors, soft textures and plenty of adorable critters.

Animal Theme -Baby Girl Nursery Themes


4. Nautical Theme

Use this classic theme for a cute nursery look. Incorporate navy blue and white stripes, stars, anchors, natural light, accent wall and more to complete the look. You can use natural elements like seashells or driftwood to make a beautiful baby girl nursery.

Nautical Theme -Baby Girl Nursery Themes


5. Pastel theme

If you’re looking for a more muted and subtle nursery, then pastels are the way to go. Soft colours like pink, lavender, mint green and yellow can create an inviting space in the room and an elegant look. You could also add in small accents of brighter shades such as coral or turquoise to add some fun pops of colour. A pink lemonade nursery gives a classic look. Pastel --Baby Girl Nursery Themes


6. Fairytale Theme

A fairytale-themed nursery is ideal for any baby girl who loves stories and make-believe. Incorporate lots of whimsical colours, patterns, and decorations such as castles, princesses, dragons and more to create the perfect storybook girls nursery.

A fairytale-themed nursery is ideal for any little princess. Incorporate plenty of pinks and purples along with wall art featuring characters from beloved stories such as Cinderella, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty. You can add a castle bed and rainbow wall design to make a beautiful nursery theme lively.

Fairytale theme --Baby Girl Nursery Themes


7. Garden Theme

For a fresh and natural look, you can’t go wrong with garden-themed nursery ideas. Incorporate plenty of soft greens and floral prints to bring the outdoors inside. You can add fun elements like butterflies, mushrooms or ladybug stuff toys. A cactus-themed nursery wall design looks lively too.

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8. Polka Dots Theme

Polka dots are always a fun and playful choice for baby girl nursery theme. A soft pink or white nursery with polka dots gives all the rage. You can also incorporate stripes, florals, solids, and other patterns for a more eclectic feel of baby girl rooms. Use polka dots crib sheets, changing table or a plush rug for the floor.

Polka Dots theme --Baby Girl Nursery Themes


9. French Country Theme

A French country-themed nursery is perfect for any little girl nursery room who loves elegance and charm. Incorporate sweet colours such as pastels, pinks, and blues to create a romantic feel in the room. You can also add classic nursery furniture pieces with ornate detailing for an extra special touch.

French Country Theme -Baby Girl Nursery Themes


10. Boho Theme

If your baby girl loves cute boho style then this is the perfect theme for her. Incorporate lots of bright colours and textiles such as rugs, wall hangings, and pillows to create a cozy vibe and vibrant atmosphere. You can also add fun elements such as dreamcatchers or tassels to really complete the look of nursery decor.

Boho theme -Baby Girl Nursery Themes


11. Vintage Theme

Vintage-themed girl nurseries are ideal for any little girl who loves nostalgia. Incorporate plenty of classic colours such as pink, white, and blue to create a timeless feel in the entire room. You can use antique midcentury modern furniture and natural materials for vintage vibes.

Vintage Theme --Baby Girl Nursery Themes


12. Space Theme

If your little one loves dreaming of outer space then a space-themed nursery design is the way to go. Incorporate lots of bright and fun colours as well as wall decals or art prints featuring stars, planets, aliens and more. You can even add in some glow-in-the-dark elements for extra fun at night!

Space Theme --Baby Girl Nursery Themes


13. Music Theme

Incorporate lots of colourful instruments and musical notes throughout the room. You can even add in a fun jukebox or record player as a focal point to really bring the theme to life!

Musical Theme --Baby Girl Nursery Themes


14. Winnie The Pooh Theme

This classic character is sure to be a hit with any baby girl. Incorporate bright yellow and red colours along with stuffed Pooh bears and bold wallpaper featuring the beloved character. You can also add in some other characters from the Hundred Acre Woods to complete the look of a little girl’s nursery.

Winnie The Pooh Theme --Baby Girl Nursery Themes


15. Farm Theme

A farm-theme is awesome for little ones who love animals. Incorporate plenty of warm colours and lots of barnyard animals throughout the baby room. You can use farm-inspired furniture pieces like rocking horses and shiplap accent wall to bring this theme to real life!


16. Mermaids Theme

A mermaid-themed baby’s nursery is ideal for any little girl who loves the sea and all of its magical creatures. Incorporate lots of purples, blues, and greens along with plenty of shells, starfish, and other aquatic motifs. Add a mermaid bed and sparkly wall art for a gorgeous look of whole room.


17. Jungle Theme

If your baby girl loves animals then a jungle-themed nursery is perfect for her. Add plenty of greens and browns along with plenty of safari animals and fun wall art to create a wild and vibrant atmosphere. Add a monkey bed and slide for a jungle-like look.

Jungle Theme --Baby Girl Nursery Themes


18. Dinos Theme

A dino-themed nursery is perfect for any little dino lover. Use vibrant colours along with lots of dinosaurs, volcanoes, and other prehistoric motifs throughout the room. Use a dinosaur bed and a fossil one wall design.

Dino Theme --Baby Girl Nursery Themes


19. Nature Theme

For any little one who loves the great outdoors, a nature-themed nursery is just perfect. Add plenty of greens and browns along with lots of trees, plants and animals throughout the room .Adding a tree bed and bird wall design ! Finally, top off your nature-inspired nursery with a basketball hoop to complete the look .

Nature Theme --Baby Girl Nursery Themes


20. Sports Theme

For any little one who loves to play sports, a sports-themed nursery is just the thing. Add plenty of bright colors and prints along with wall art featuring famous athletes and your favorite team’s logo. To top it off, add in a mini basketball hoop for your little one to practice their skills!


21. Superhero Theme

For any little superhero, a superhero-themed nursery is just a great idea . Incorporate a bright color scheme and prints along with wall art featuring your favourite superheroes. You can use comic book wall art and superhero toys to make it prettier .

Superhero Theme --Baby Girl Nursery Themes


22. Circus Theme

A circus-themed nursery is perfect for any little showman. Add plenty of bright colors along with lots of clowns and animals throughout the room. You can add a circus tent bed . To top it off, be sure to include plenty of stuffed animal toys for your little one to play with!

Circus Theme --Baby Girl Nursery Themes

No matter which theme you choose, the most important thing is that it reflects your little girl’s personality and makes her feel loved and treasured. With so many wonderful options available for mama to be, creating the perfect baby girl nursery can be a fun and rewarding experience for any parent.All the Best!

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