Modern Baby Shower Games And Activities Superb List

modern baby shower games

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Baby shower is good time for friends, family and colleagues to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a new baby. It is an ideal opportunity to get creative and come up with unique activities to entertain and engage in meaningful conversations. Here is a list of some fun and interesting activities that can be enjoyed at baby showers:

Modern Baby Shower Games And Activities List


1. Group Decorating

Split your guests into groups and have each group decorate the space. Provide materials such as balloons, streamers, confetti, banners, and more

Group Decorating - Modern Baby Shower Games

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2. Nursery Room Scramble

Give everyone a list of nursery room items like diapers, bibs, burp cloths, bottles, and more. Ask each guest to race around and find as many of these items as they can in a certain amount of time

Nursery Room Scramble- Modern Baby Shower Games


3. Baby Word Scramble

Give your guests several words that are related to babies or parenting, such as “diaper” or “bottle”. Have them unscramble the words to see who can get them all right first.


4. Gift Opening

Have your guests help open up all the presents and guess what’s inside. This is a great way to make the gift opening part of the fun

Gift Opening- Modern Baby Shower Games


5. Diaper Derby

Set up a mini obstacle course in the room and have each guest race against the clock to see who can change a baby doll’s diaper the fastest. Give out prizes for the fastest “diaper changer”!

Diaper Derby - baby shower


6. Baby Shower Charades

Have each guest act out a baby-related phrase or word. This is an excellent way to get everybody laughing and having fun!


7. Baby Photo Scavenger Hunt

Give your guests a list of items related to babies that they need to find in the room, such as pacifiers, rattles, etc. The person that finds all the objects wins a prize.

 Modern Baby Shower Games


8. Guess the Baby Stats

Before the shower, have the expecting parents fill out a sheet with information about their baby, such as birth weight, length, or time of birth. Give these sheets to your guests and let them make guesses about each item. Whoever gets the closest wins!


9. Name that Tune

Play snippets of popular baby songs and let your guests try to guess which song it is. Ensure having a good prize for the winner!


10. Baby Name Contest

Give each of the invitees a piece of paper and start writing down baby names as many as they can come up with. Whoever writes down the most wins!

Baby Name Contest - Modern Baby Shower Games


11. Baby Shower Trivia

Come up with questions related to parenting or babies in general, such as “What is the most common type of diaper?”. Ask the guests to start writing down their responses, and award a prize to the person who has the most accurate!


12. Baby Gift Wrap Relay

Split your guests into teams and have each team race to wrap up a baby gift in the fastest time. The team who finishes first wins!

Gift Wrap Relay - Modern Baby Shower Games


13. Pin the Pacifier on the Baby

Create a poster of a baby and have each guest take turns trying to pin the pacifier onto the baby’s mouth. Whoever pins it closest wins!


14. Write a Poem for Baby

Ask each guest to write a poem or short story about the new baby. Read these aloud during the shower and let the new parents keep them as a keepsake!


15. Diaper Prize Wheel

Have each guest take turns spinning a wheel with prizes like diaper coupons or gift cards. Whoever lands on the biggest prize, wins!

Diaper Prizer wheel


16. Baby Bottle/Diaper Shuffle

Give each guest a diaper or baby bottle and have them race around the room while carrying it. Whoever crosses the finish line first with his\her object still intact is the winner!


17. Create A Baby Storyboard

Provide construction paper, glue, and markers for your guests to create a storyboard about the expecting parents and baby. This is a great way to get everyone involved in the festivities!


18. Name that Baby Food

Place several jars of baby food on a table and have your guests guess what flavor each one is.The person that makes the most accurate guesses takes the prize!

Name that baby food


19. Baby Shower Jeopardy

Create a game of jeopardy using baby-related categories. You could also make it more fun by adding some pop culture questions related to parenting. Give out prizes for the top three contestants!


20. Baby Gift Bingo

Create bingo boards with items from the registry and have your guests fill in the spaces as gifts are opened. Whoever gets bingo first, wins a prize!

Baby Gift Bingo


21. Make A Baby Mobile

Provide pre-cut shapes, glue, and string for your guests to make mobiles with. At the end of the shower, hang them up around the room to create a fun atmosphere!

Make a baby Mobile -Modern Baby Shower Games


22. Baby Word Scramble

Create a list of baby-related words and have your guests unscramble them. Whoever finishes first wins!


23. Price is Right Baby Shower

Have guests guess the price of items on the expecting parents’ registry. Whoever guesses closest, without going over, wins a prize!

Price is right baby shower game


24. Draw Baby’s Future

Give each guest a blank sheet of paper and have them draw what they think the baby will be like in 5 or 10 years. At the end, the expecting parents can pick their favorite drawing and give out a prize for the one with the most accurate prediction!


25. Guess How Many

Fill a jar with candy or other baby items and have your guests guess how many are inside. Whoever guesses closest, wins!

Guess How Many - Modern Baby Shower Games


26. Baby Word Search

Provide a list of baby-related words for your guests to find. Whoever finds the most words in the allotted amount of time, wins!


27. Memory Match Baby Game

Provide guests with cards featuring baby items or pictures from the registry. Have them take turns trying to find matching pairs. The one who detects the most matches is the winner.


28. Create A Baby Time Capsule

Ask each guest to bring an item that reminds them of being a kid and invite them to write a letter to the baby. Place everything in a time capsule and open it when the child is older!

Create a Baby Time Capsule

These fun and creative baby shower games will make the party even more special for everyone involved. You can also customize the rules to make sure that everyone is enjoying themselves. Have a blast at the baby shower!

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