51 Modern Christmas Decor Ideas For Home or Apartment

51 Modern Christmas Decor Ideas For Home or Apartment

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Christmas time is the best time to decorate the home and make it more festive. Decorating the home for Christmas and the upcoming new year is a great tradition. How to decorate the home for Christmas? This is a common question. Below are our top recommendations for beautiful and modern Christmas decor that your family and friends will love.


Modern Christmas Decor Ideas List


1. Christmas Wreath

A Christmas wreath is a traditional Christmas decoration that is simple to make. Choose a design that represents your personal tastes and add your own special touch with a one-of-a-kind ribbon.

Christmas Wreath -Modern Christmas Decor Ideas


2. Garlands

Add a celebratory garland to your mantlepiece or shelf. Most stores sell pre-lit variants, or you can make it yourself with string lights or greenery.




3. Accent Piece

For a sparkly accent piece, fill glass jars and vases with Xmas lights.


accent pieces


4. Advent Calendar

Create your own Advent calendar to track the days till Christmas. Fill small bags and containers with treats and tasks and tag them with the calendar days preceding to 25th December.


Advent Calender


5. Porch Decor

Add a celebratory wreath and planter to the front porch for adding some Christmas cheer.


6. Christmas Tree

Use a small Christmas tree to add the outdoor life in. These tree branches are simple to maintain and can be adorned with tiny ornaments or lights.


Christmas Tree-Modern Christmas Decor Ideas


7. Stockings

Use stocking holders for hanging stockings near the fireplace and on the wall. You could also add a name and monogram to every stocking.


Christmas Stockings -Modern Christmas Decor Ideas

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8. Christmas Fragrance

Use scented candles, potpourri or diffusers in holiday-inspired fragrances like peppermint, spiced orange or gingerbread to create a joyful environment in the home.


Christmas Fragrance -Modern Christmas Decor Ideas


9. Greeting Cards

Arrange holiday greeting cards on a mantlepiece, shelf and bulletin board. You can also make the card exhibit by hanging from ribbons and string lights.


Christmas Cards


10. Candle Decor Piece

Arrange pillar candles on some kind of tray or plate, surrounded by evergreen branches, pinecones and berries.

Christmas Candles

11. Ornament Decor

Fill a lovely bowl or tray with sparkling colourful ornaments for an easy yet elegant décor.


Christmas Ornaments Bowl -Modern Christmas Decor Ideas


12. Snow Man Decor

Make a snowman scene by arranging small figurines on one tray and surrounding them with faux snow.


Snowman Decor --Modern Christmas Decor Ideas


13. Vacation Centrepiece

Add a festive centrepiece to the coffee table and sideboard. Select from a flower, foliage, berry, or candle arrangement.


Centrepiece Decor


14. Christmas Village Decor

Create your personal Christmas village on a plate by arranging miniature houses as well as trees. Use fairy lights and battery-operated candles to add a touch of glam.


Christmas Village Decor -Modern Christmas Decor Ideas


15. Beautiful Wraps

Wrap bowls, vases, jars, and other glass bottles with ribbon and twine for a holiday touch.


16. Window Decor

Use Xmas window clings and stickers to decorate the windows for the holidays.


Christmas Window Decor


17. Wall Decor

Decorate the walls with Xmas-themed wall decals and art prints.


Christmas Wall Decor -Modern Christmas Decor Ideas


18. Work Desk Decor

Add a little Christmas tree, celebratory mug, and desk calendar to the work area to bring the festivals inside.


Christmas Mug -Modern Christmas Decor Ideas


19. Bathroom Decor

Add festival-themed towels, soap dispensers, and wastebaskets to the bathroom.


20. Kitchen Decor

Use Christmas-themed mitts, pot holders, and kitchen dish towels to get in the Christmas spirit while cooking.


21. Dining Area Festive Decor

Add a festive tablecloth, runner, and place mats to the dining table. Use festival napkins, plates, and cups to add a little festive flair.


Dining Area Decor --Modern Christmas Decor Ideas


22. Xmas Cutlery

Use Xmas-themed serving plates and cutlery, salt & pepper shakers, and cereal bowls to make meals more enjoyable.


Christmas Cutlery


23. Kids Christmas theme

Incorporate Christmas-themed colouring books, stickers, and activity pads to the decor for a kids-friendly touch.


24. Setup Music

Create a festive atmosphere by playing holiday music through a portable speaker and any stereo system.

Music For Christmas

25. Candy Baskets

For a sweet décor, fill a bowl or basket with packed candy canes or any other small treats.


26. Xmas Lights

Wrapping a string of Xmas lights all around periphery of a room instantly adds Christmas spirit.

Christmas Room Lights


27. Mantle piece Decor

Create a vacation arrangement of foliage, candles, or other ornaments for the fireplace mantel or windowsill.


Mantlepiece Decor Christmas


29. Flower Bouquets

For a festive touch, place a vase of freshly-cut greenery and bouquets on the dining room table and kitchen counter.


Christmas flowers Bouquet


30. Festive Personalized Garlands

Make a simple but festive garland by stringing popcorn and cranberries on the dimensions of yarn and any twine.


31. Snow Flake Or Gingerbread Decor

Make a garland and banner out of paper snowflakes and gingerbread men by stringing them together by yarn and ribbon.


Gingerbread Garland


32. Makeshift Gift Boxes

Use vacant cardboard boxes wrapped in coloured paper as makeshift gift boxes and festive storage containers.

Makeshift Gift Boxes


33. Fun Wall For Kids

Wrap a vacant wall and door with craft paper or gift wrap and let the kids have fun decorating it with coloured pencils, markers, stickers, or other decorative items.


34. Set Out Treat Bowls

Serve guests a tray and platter of Christmas cookies, candy bars, and other snacks.


Christmas Treat Bowls


35. Crystal Clear Vases for Xmas

To make a one-of-a-kind and eye-catching exhibit, place a selection of celebration decorative elements inside a clear glass container or vase.


36. Children Decor

Get the children engaged in decorating by making them create their very own paper or clay decorations.

Children helping in decor


37. Photos Holiday Collage

Put family pictures in cheery frames or make a holiday collage to hang on the walls and fridge.


Holiday Photo collage


38. Christmas Themed Soaps And Supplies

Provide guests with a tray and basket of Christmas-themed soaps, creams, and other bathroom goods.


39. Happy Holiday Sign

Display a “Happy Holidays” sign and banner prominently in the home.


Happy Holidays Sign-Modern Christmas Decor Ideas


40. Chocolate Tray

For an exciting and celebratory decoration, fill large bowls with small assorted chocolates and holiday treats.


Chocolate Tray


41. Customized Christmas Packing

Create your own packing materials by drawing and painting on plain white paper and decorating it with Xmas stickers, stamps, and other decorative elements.


Customized Christmas Packaging


42. Hallway Decor

Decorate the hallways with holly boughs… and mistletoe! Hang foliage sprigs and berry clusters in passageways or other strategic places.


43. Winter Centrepiece

Use candles, lush green branches, ribbons, or other decorative items to make a winter centrepiece for the dining table and coffee table.


Christmas Centrepiece-Modern Christmas Decor Ideas


44. Overall Christmas Makeover Of House

Give your house a “Christmas makeover” by incorporating festive touches into all rooms, along with the bathroom! To get everybody in the festive mood, use holiday-themed bedsheets, placemats, and shower curtains.

Christmas Room decor-Modern Christmas Decor Ideas


45. Christmas Tree Personalization

Personalize your Christmas tree by customizing it with family pictures, hand-crafted ornaments, and other special mementos.

Christmas Tree Personalized Decor -Modern Christmas Decor Ideas


46. Fruit Basket

Set a basket of fruits as a nutritious and celebratory snack for guests. Apples, oranges, and pears all are excellent options for such a time of the year.


47. Gingerbread House

Create gingerbread houses from out graham crackers, candy, marshmallows and other sweets. This is a great activity to perform with the children or as a teamwork with pals.


Gingerbread House


48. Stairway Decor

Use evergreen trees, garlands, or wreaths to decorate the stairway or other spots of the home that may need some holiday cheer.


49. Create a Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Create a holiday vacation-themed scavenger hunt for the children or party guests. Hide tiny wrapped gifts, candy, and other treats throughout the house and yard, and provide a set of clues for everybody to follow.


Christmas Scavenger Hunt


50. Set out Games

Use festival board games and puzzles to foster family bonding.


51. Christmas Decor Outside the Home

Add a festive touch to your home by hanging vacation wreaths, carnations, and lights outside the house.

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