34 Boy Baby Shower Themes For A Super Wonderful Event

34 Boy Baby Shower Themes For A Super Wonderful Event

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Boy baby showers are a wonderful time to celebrate the arrival of the new little one. Choosing a themed baby shower can be fun to bring family and friends together in anticipation of your new arrival. If you’re looking for some trendy or traditional, there are many boy baby shower themes to choose from. Here are some amazing baby shower themes for a baby boy shower. :

Boy Baby Shower Themes List


1. Baseball Theme

This sporty theme will be superb for dad-to-be. Decorate with baseball memorabilia, play classic ballpark tunes, and serve traditional hot dogs and popcorn for snacks.

Baseball Theme --Boy Baby Shower Theme

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2. Safari Theme

Bring the wild indoors with this fun safari theme! This is a fun baby shower theme. Decorate with animal print balloons, stuffed animals and green plants to give it an exotic feel. Jungle-themed snacks like fruit skewers and banana cupcakes will be perfect for such a fun event.

Safari Theme


3. Superhero Baby Shower

Every little baby boy loves superheroes! Transform your venue into the ultimate crime-fighting headquarters with decorations featuring the likes of Superman, Batman and more and serve super-snacks such as mini burgers and pizza slices.

Superhero Baby Shower --Boy Baby Shower Theme

4. Nautical Theme

Set sail for an adventure with this classic nautical fun theme. Use anchors, boats and other sea-inspired decor. Add snacks such as seafood platters and pretzels shaped like ships to your menu.


5. Space Theme

This is an adorable theme. Explore the outer limits with this intergalactic theme. Fill your venue with stars, planets and aliens to create a fun atmosphere and serve up cosmic cupcakes and out-of-this-world snacks such as astronaut ice cream and meteor cookie pops.

Space Theme

6. Circus Theme

Bring the circus indoors with this classic baby shower theme! Decorate with colorful streamers, clowns and other circus-themed decorations. Classic carnival treats such as cotton candy and popcorn will be great for this event.

Circus Theme --Boy Baby Shower Theme


7. Under the Sea Theme

This ocean-inspired theme is perfect for a little boy baby shower. Decorate with fish, seashells and other aquatic decorations. Snacks such as starfish-shaped cookies and sea-themed cake will be amazing.

Under the Sea Theme


8. Wild West Theme

This classic and cute theme is both fun and festive. Use horseshoes, sheriff stars, cowboy boots and bandana decorations. Serve some miniature cow pie cookies.

Wild West Theme --Boy Baby Shower Theme


9. Dinosaur Theme

This cute baby shower theme is ideal for a baby boy! Add dinosaurs, fossils and other Jurassic-inspired decorations to your venue. And have some dinosaur egg cupcakes and t-rex-shaped cookies for the guests.

Dinosaur Theme


10. Lego Theme

This creative idea is a perfect baby shower theme too. Decorations with colorful lego blocks would be perfect and let your imagination run wild. Add mini pizzas shaped like lego pieces and frosted cupcakes with lego figures on top to your party treats.

Lego Theme --Boy Baby Shower Theme

11. Sports Theme

This is the perfect theme for any little sports fan in the making. Decorate with team jerseys, baseballs, basketballs and more. Use similar food ideas like mini pizza slices and popcorn shaped like baseballs.

12. Race Car Theme

This action-packed theme is sure to be a hit with the dad-to-be. Decorate with toy race cars and checkered flags. Mini hot dogs and pizza slices shaped like race cars will match the theme perfectly.

Race Car Theme

13. Firefighter Theme

A firefighter theme is a cute theme option! Decorate your venue with fire trucks, ladders and hoses. Serve up some delicious snacks such as mini burgers and hotdogs.


14. Fairytale Theme

This magical theme is perfect for any little prince in the making. Transform your space with castles, and dragons decor to create a fairytale atmosphere. Cupcakes topped with fairy dust and dragon-shaped cookies will be perfect snacks.

 Fairytale Theme --Boy Baby Shower Theme

15. Jungle Theme

Turn your venue into an exotic jungle with this lovely theme. Use animals, trees and vines decorations. Add savoury snacks to your dessert table such as animal crackers and chocolate-dipped bananas in the form of monkeys.


16. Construction Theme

This fun and creative theme is great too. Decorations like trucks, cranes and building blocks will be great. Add mini sandwiches cut into the shapes of construction tools and bulldozer-shaped cookies to your treats table.

. Construction Theme


17. Farm Theme

This theme is perfect for any new little boy.! Decorate with tractors, barns and farm animals. Haystack cupcakes and cow-shaped cookies will match the theme.

 Farm Theme ---Boy Baby Shower Theme

18. Monster Theme

This cute theme is great for boys’ baby showers! Decorate with fun monsters in bright colors, complete with googly eyes and silly faces. Treats like mini tacos shaped like monsters and monster cookies will be a perfect match.

Monster Theme


19. Bunny Theme

This fun and whimsical theme is so adorable.! Use carrots, bunnies and fresh flowers for decor. Include mini cupcakes shaped like bunnies and cookies topped with edible glitter in your menu.

 Bunny Theme ---Boy Baby Shower Theme


20. Transportation Theme

This theme is for boys and will look fabulous at the party too! Add transportation-themed items such as cars, buses and train decorations. and serve train-shaped cookies and mini tacos shaped like trucks.

Transportation Theme


21. Pirate Theme

This theme is cool for any little boy shower. Use pirate ships, treasure chests and parrots decorations. And mini pizzas shaped like swords and pirate-themed cupcakes will be cool snacks.

Pirate Theme ---Boy Baby Shower Theme


22. Teddy Bear Baby Shower Theme

This classic theme is perfect for any little bear-lover! This is among the cute baby shower themes for the new boy baby. Add teddy bears, honey pots and bee hives. Serve food like mini sandwiches cut into the shapes of bears and honeycomb-shaped cookies.

Teddy Bear Baby Shower Theme


23. Hot Air Balloon Theme

This whimsical theme will surely be a hit for a themed baby shower for the sweet baby boy ! Decorate with flying paper hot air balloons and clouds. Cupcakes topped with colorful confetti and mini doughnuts shaped like hot air balloons will give a great theme effect.

Hot Air Balloon Theme --Boy Baby Shower Theme

24. Star Wars Theme

This popular theme is sure to be a hit! Decorate with characters from the movies and add treats like light sabre-shaped cookies and cupcakes topped with edible glitter.


25. Mickey Mouse Theme

This classic theme is amazing for a boy’s baby shower and is one of the popular baby shower themes.! Use Mickey Mouse ears, clocks and stars. decor. Sandwiches cut into the shapes of Mickey’s head will match the party theme.  Mickey Mouse Theme


26. Rustic Theme

This chic, rustic and unique baby shower theme is a great baby shower idea. Decorate with logs, pinecones and twigs. Add snacks and sweet treats such as mini doughnuts shaped like pinecones and cookies shaped like acorns and a rustic cake decorated.

Rustic Theme ---Boy Baby Shower Theme


27. Toy Story Baby Shower Theme

This fun and whimsical theme is sure to be a hit baby boy shower idea! Add a themed effect with characters from the movies such as Woody, Buzz Lightyear and Rex. Sandwiches in the shapes of toys and cookies shaped like hammers will be great.

 Toy Story Baby Shower Theme

28. Blue’s Clues Theme

This popular theme is perfect for any little Blue fan! Add paw prints, mailboxes and notebooks decor. Snacks such as mini pizzas shaped like Blue’s paw print will match the theme.


29. Harry Potter Theme

This magical idea is a great theme for a boy’s baby shower. Decorate with owls, wands and cauldrons. Chocolates shaped like owls and cookies shaped like wands would add more life to this theme.

Harry Potter Theme ---Boy Baby Shower Theme


30. BBQ Baby Shower Theme

This fun and festive theme is great for parents-to-be who love bbq! Decorate with grills, tongs and aprons. Mini pizzas shaped like BBQ ribs and cookies shaped like hamburgers will be loved by the guests.

 BBQ Baby Shower Theme


31. Paw Patrol Theme

This popular theme is perfect for any little pup-lover in the making. Decorate with characters from the show such as Chase, Marshall and Skye. Sandwiches in the shapes of paw prints and cupcakes topped with similar decor will work great for this theme.  Paw Patrol Theme --Boy Baby Shower Theme


32. Baby Boss Theme

This chic and sophisticated theme is great for any little future business leader. Use briefcases, ties and calculator decor. Sandwiches shaped like pocket squares and cookies shaped like briefcases are great snack ideas.

Baby Boss Theme


33. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Theme

This sweet and simple theme is perfect for the baby shower! Decorate with adorable details like star and moon balloons and planets for making it a fun event. Star-shaped sandwiches and cookies shaped like galaxies will be great treats.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Theme --Boy Baby Shower Theme

34. Blue Elephant theme

It is a perfect and adorable theme for a baby blue shower.! Use matching party decor for this blue theme like elephants, blue balloons and confetti. Mini cupcakes shaped like elephants, cookies, and cake pops topped with edible glitter will look adorable.

 Blue Elephant theme

These fun baby shower themes and boy baby shower ideas are amazing for a boy baby shower! With the right decorations and delicious snacks, everyone will have a wonderful time celebrating the special arrival!

FAQs About Boy Baby Shower Themes


Q1: What are some unique baby shower themes for boys?

A: Some unique baby shower themes for boys include Star Wars, Mickey Mouse, Rustic, Toy Story, Blue’s Clues, Harry Potter, Stars &Moon, BBQ Baby Shower, Paw Patrol, Baby Boss and Twinkle Twinkle Ocean Adventures.


Q2.What colours for baby shower for boys?

A: Some great shades of blue, green or yellow are perfect for a baby boy shower.


Q3: What are some decoration ideas for baby shower themes?

A: Decoration ideas will depend on the baby shower theme. Popular decorations include characters from movies or shows, logs, pinecones and twigs for a rustic theme, paw prints and mailboxes for a Blue’s Clues theme, wands and cauldrons for a Harry Potter theme and stars, planets and moons for a Stars & Moon theme. Other decorations will also depend on the chosen baby shower theme.


Q4: How do you choose a boy baby shower theme?

A: Picking a boy baby shower theme is a personal preference. Consider the guest of honor and their interests, as well as what colors or patterns might work best for the decorations or food. It can also be helpful to choose themes that are gender-neutral so both boys and girls can enjoy them. You can then plan the decorations and food to match.


Q5: What are some activities for baby shower themes?

A: Depending on the chosen theme, there are various activities to be done at a baby shower. Popular activities include opening gifts, playing games related to the theme (i.e.Harry Potter trivia for a Harry Potter theme), and creating art projects such as decorating onesies or playing pass-the-parcel. You can also plan activities around the chosen food and have guests create their own creations with the provided ingredients.


Q6: What are a few gift ideas for a boy’s baby shower?

A: Gift ideas for a boy’s baby shower will depend on the theme and budget. Popular gifts include items such as clothing, books, toys and other accessories related to the chosen theme. Other useful gifts can include strollers, car seats or diaper bags. Guests may also choose to give more personalized gifts such as a onesie with the baby’s name embroidered on it or a special toy that was chosen just for them.


Q7: What are some fun ideas for a boy baby shower?

A: Fun ideas for a boy baby shower depend on the theme chosen. Creative activities can include making a special craft project or having a sing-along with music related to the chosen theme. Whatever activities are planned, the main goal is for everyone to have fun and celebrate the soon-to-be arrival of the baby!


Q8: Are there any tips for planning a boy baby shower?

A: Consider your budget first. Decide on how much you are willing to spend, as this will determine what type of decorations and food can be included in the celebration. Then plan out invitations, decorations and fun activities for the baby shower. It can also be helpful to look for inspiration online or by visiting stores that specialize in baby shower supplies. With a little planning, your celebration will surely be a success!


Q9: What are some food ideas for a boy’s baby shower?

A: Popular food items may include cupcakes and other desserts such as brownies or cookies with the baby’s name, as well as finger foods such as sandwiches, wraps or mini pizzas. Other food items can be included depending on the theme to match the decorations. For example, for a Star & Moon theme, guests could enjoy moon pies and star-shaped cookies. No matter the theme, there will surely be food to match and delight all of your guests!

Make your party a huge success with our best Baby shower themes.

If you have more baby shower ideas and ideas for baby shower decorations, mention them below.

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