54 Dorm Must Haves for College Students in 2023

54 Dorm Must Haves for College Students in 2023

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Are you going back to college and don’t know what you need for your dorm room .Wondering what are dorm room must haves, not sure what to pack ,how to organize ,don’t have a list of items so here is a checklist of dorm room essentials. The list below covers majority of the essentials you will be needing for your stress-free experience at the dorm. These are our suggestions for the must-haves .


 Amazing List Of Dorm Must Haves

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1. Power Strip Surge Protector

This is a 12 in 1 Power Strip .The 3-side power strip comes with 8AC wide outlets and 4 USB charging ports and charges upto 12 devices simultaneously.

Power Strip Surge Protector- Dorm Must Haves


2. Bedside Lamp With USB Port

It adds a bit of warmth and comforting atmosphere to your bedroom. It is touch controlled and comes with USB charging ports and LED bulb.

Bedside Lamp With USB Port


3. First Aid Kit

This first aid kit includes all essentials for first aid emergency .This is an economical 298 piece set.


4. Hanging Closet Organizers and Storage Shelves

This is an excellent wardrobe clothes organizer that comes with shelves and drawers ,perfect for any closet for great storage and organization, this is an excellent space saver.It is strong durable and easy to assemble.

Hanging Closet Organizers and Storage Shelves


5. A Lightweight Vacuum Stick

Bissell Featherweight Stick Lightweight Bagless Vacuum. It is convenient and easy to use has powerful suction for quick pickups.Versatile cleaning three machines in one: A stick vacuum, handle vacuum, and stair vacuum.


A Lightweight Vacuum Stick -Dorm Must Haves


6. Plastic Dinnerware Set

This is a 18 piece dinnerware set.Contains 6 sets, Each set comes with a bowl, a cup, and a 10 inch plate each. It is both microwave and dishwasher safe.

Plastic Dinnerware Set


7. Food Storage Containers

This pack of 12 glass containers comes with good sized containers with lids.Safe to transfer from freezer to oven .As opposed to plastic, glass is friendly to the environment and free of chemicals.These are airtight,leakproof, dishwasher safe and lids and containers are stackable. 

Food Storage Containers
Food Storage Containers- Dorm Must Haves


8. Hangers Set

This beautiful set of 50 velvet hangers is non-slip ,sturdy and ultra thin with chrome finish .It maximizes space in your closet and helps organize clothes crease free.

Hangers Set


9. Under-the-bed Clothes Storage Bags

These 2 piece bags help in freeing up extra closet space, clear top helps identify inside items. These are dust proof and portable, can be folded when not in use and excellent for storing seasonal clothing, blankets or extra linens.

Under-the-bed Clothes Storage Bags --Dorm Must Haves
Under-the-bed Clothes Storage Bags


10. Three Tier Rolling Storage Organizer

You can arrange all your daily stuff in this easily movable organizer


11. Comfortable Pillows

These queen pillows are really comfortable and soft and keep you cool.


12. Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper For Bed

It is used as a comfortable and affordable way to rejuvenate an old mattress ,soften a hard mattress and prolong mattress life.It is Infused with temperature regulating gel beads that dissipates heat to help prevent overheating.



13. Mattress Protector

This one is cotton and waterproof which protects against fluids and perspiration. 



14. Comforter

This is a cozy quilted comforter, ultra soft comes in beautiful colours and can be machine washed.

Comforter -Dorm Must Haves


15. Cotton Queen Sheets

These ones are soft and durable for all-season comfort and resists wrinkles and fading.Can be machine mashed.

Cotton Queen Sheets


16. Cosmetic Organizer For Girls

This is a beautiful cosmetic and skincare organizer for girls .


Cosmetic Organizer For Girls


17. Ultra Soft Towel Set

This set is highly absorbent, light-weighted. Serves as  hair drying towel, travel towel, bath wrapper. This set has two bath towels , two hand towels , and two washcloths . These towels are available in a wide variety of beautiful colours.

Ultrasoft Towels Set


18. An Umbrella

This heavy duty umbrella stands up to all weather conditions .It is compact ,lightweight and portable , fits any backpack/ purse. It is windproof.

An Umbrella
An Umbrella


19. Digital Alarm Clock With LED Display

This comes with USB ports for charging mobile phone. LED mirror surface clock looks beautiful and fashionable. It can also be used as a vanity mirror. Comes with snooze function.


Digital Alarm Clock With LED Display

This beautiful clock has adjustable alarm volume levels , 5-level digits brightness dimmer, built-in USB charging port and comes with snooze function.


20. Fluffy Soft Bedside Rug

This one is a non-slip, velvety with a modern design.The anti-slip dots at the bottom enhances friction that prevents sliding.

Fluffy Soft Bedside Rug -Dorm Must Haves


21.Vanity Mirror With Lights

This beautiful mirror comes with 21 LED bulbs for good brightness and provides 2X, 3X,10X magnification with 3 panels and provides wide angle viewing for a flawless makeup. Lights are touch controlled.


Vanity Mirror With Lights
Vanity Mirror With Lights

22. Over The Door Hook , Door Hanger

This is a study ,durable, rust-resistant, over door rack for hanging towels, coat, clothes, robe, hats, scarves or purses.


Over The Door Hook , Door Hanger

23. Sofa Sack Bean Bag Chair or A Saucer Chair

This bean bag chair is really comfortable for dorm room.It is also water resistant and comes in beautiful colours.

Sofa Sack Bean Bag Chai
A Saucer Chair -Dorm Must Haves

This cozy saucer chair with faux fur material is good sized and foldable, designed in  simple bold colours that will add a pop of colour to your room.


24. A Fleece Throw Blanket For The Couch

This velvety fleece blanket is perfect for the couch and provides good warmth and comfort.


24. A Fleece Throw Blanket For The Couch


25. A Desk Lamp With Built-in Wireless Charger

It comes with 5 lighting modes and 7 levels of brightness,  Comes with a wireless charging base and a USB port to keep ur devices within reach. Comes with Auto off timer and non flickering light.

A Desk Lamp With Built in Wireless Charger


26. A Small or Large Trash Can

This is a necessity purchase .Choose small or large sized cans according to your requirement.



27. Laundry Basket On Wheels

This rolling laundry basket with stand is foldable and waterproof . It comes with a drawstring mesh cover and is dust proof.


Laundry Basket On Wheels -Dorm Must Haves


28. A Shower Caddy

This small plastic shower organizer caddy tote comes with a handle .Perfect for bathroom shelves, under-sink cabinets and closets.


A Shower Caddy


29. A Small Book Organizer Shelf

Excellent for organizing all your books in a confined space.


A Small Book Organizer Shelf


30. A Laptop Desk For Bed

This innovative desk with cushion base conforms to your lap, keeps you cool and comes with a mouse pad.

A Laptop Desk For Bed -Dorm Must Haves


31. Desk Supplies Organizer

An excellent space saver for desk ,with stylish drawers also comes with compartments for files and letters


Desk Supplies Organizer- Dorm Must Haves


32. A Magic Bullet Blender

Excellent for all your smoothies and shakes. Comes with 3 sized cups.


A Magic Bullet Blender


33. Single Serve Coffee Maker With Mug

This is excellent for daily use , space saver and comes with a beautiful mug for your coffee .


34. A Smart Electric Kettle

This kettle is good for everyday use .



35. A Computer Desk Chair

This is a comfortable chair with adjustable height  and has smooth rolling mobility .


A Computer Desk Chair -Dorm Must Haves

This ergonomic chair with backrest ,armrest and headrest allows you to maintain the correct sitting position for a more comfortable experience ,comes with a breathable mesh design.


36. Instant Photo Printer Hp Sprocket 

HP Sprocket Portable 2×3 Instant Photo Printer customizes your snaps with cool editing tools on the HP App. You can apply stickers, borders & emojis.Hashtag a photo in social media and use the HP app to print right away, This wireless and pocket-sized printer makes glossy, water resistant pastable snaps with their sticky-back .

Helps to print beautiful moments and make memories.


37. Academic Planner

This is an excellent 14 month planner for staying organized and staying on track. This beautiful hardcover planner is perfect for 2022 and 2023 academic year.Helps easy organization with monthly tabs, calendar and weekly spreads.Comes with sticky notes and ruler set.



38. Notebooks

This binder of 3 subject notebook easily fits any purse/ backpack. Set of 2.



39. Ipad

For making notes and doing assignments.

40. A Sturdy Backpack or Laptop Purse

This backpack comes with built in USB charger access outside .Spacious and solid .



Laptop Purse -Dorm Packing List

This beautiful and spacious laptop bag purse comes with the zipper and 4 compartments, is padded inside for laptop.

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41. Handheld Garment Steamer /Clothing Iron

This steamer takes out all the wrinkles hassle free.


42. Decor Items.

This pack of  3 gold mirrors for wall with sunburst looks stunning for any room.



This wood frame letter board with letters set fills your day with motivation with beautiful writings of your choice.

Dorm Decor Items.


These wooden wall hanging photo frames with clips are self adhesive no drilling required. Perfect for hanging all the beautiful snaps.

Dorm Decor Items.
Dorm Decor Items.


43. A Small Fridge

For storing all the food items .

A Small Fridge- Dorm Must Haves
A Small Fridge


44. A USB Drive

A must-have for storing your data.


45. Shower Slippers and Comfy Shoes

These are non slip, quick drying unisex shower slippers .



These plushy, fleeced shoes are comfortable for everyday wear, it has an anti-skid rubber sole.

Comfy Shoes


46. Hair Straightener / Curler

This Furiden flat iron serves a dual function. Performs excellent job of hair straightener and curler 2 in 1 , making it an excellent combo tool with superb performance.



47. Liquid Detergent

Laundry detergent is another essential item on the list.



48. Extra Large Moving Bags

This pack of bags serves as a heavy duty tote for space saving, moving, storage.It is waterproof as well.



49. Collapsible Storage Bins With Lids

These can be used for easy access of all the extra stuff.



50. Mesh Laundry Bags

This set of 5 bags can be used for laundry, blouses, stockings and undergarments.



51. Hanging Wall Mirror

A small hanging wall mirror looks beautiful and convenient for the hair do


52. Blackout Curtains 

This set of 2 long curtains impedes 85%-99% light and UV rays and are thermal insulated. These come in beautiful colour choices.

Black out Curtains
Black out Curtains


53. Cutlery Set

This is a beautiful set of silverware cutlery. For 4 people. Made of stainless steel.


54. Coffee / Tea Mugs

This beautiful pack of two glass coffee mugs is double-walled with insulated layer. Comes in various size options. These are microwave and dishwasher-safe.

Coffee / Tea Mugs- Dorm Must Haves

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