41 First Birthday Themes – Best For 2023

41 First Birthday Themes

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This post is all about First Birthday Themes .

First birthday is an important milestone for babies! Choosing first birthday themes for the big bash that all dad and mom friends and kids can enjoy can become a hassle. To make the celebration special for your birthday boy or baby girl here are some first birthday party ideas and first birthday themes for your baby’s first birthday:

First Birthday Themes List

 1. Rainbow Colors Theme

A bright and cheerful rainbow theme for the birthday celebration is sure to bring lots of smiles! You can create a colorful backdrop with streamers and balloons, add a personal touch by including a rainbow cake or cupcakes, and hand out rainbow tattoos as party favors.

Rainbow Colors Theme ----First Birthday Themes


2. Aquarium Under the Sea Theme

An underwater adventure awaits with an ocean-inspired birthday celebration. Create a backdrop with fish and sea creature decorations, craft up some homemade fishbowl invitations, or even plan a beach trip. Your little one can dress up in a mermaid or fish costume for this perfect theme.

Aquarium Under the Sea Theme

Aquarium Under the Sea Theme ----First Birthday Themes

3. Fairytale Theme

Make your child’s first birthday magical with a fairytale-inspired theme. Decorate with shimmering decorations, hang homemade “wishing” stars from the ceiling and bake up a special 1st birthday cake for them to enjoy. Craft up some fairy wands as party favors . Fairytale Theme


4. Safari Theme

An animal-themed bash is sure to bring plenty of smiles. Decorate the party with safari animals and hang a few fun animal cutouts, then craft up some fun animal masks as party favors. Plan a fun activity like an animal scavenger hunt for older kids and creating your own mini zoo from stuff toys is going to be a big hit !

Safari Theme ---First Birthday Themes


5. Ice Cream Parlor Theme

Bring a classic ice cream parlor to your home with this fun birthday theme. Decorate with popsicle stick banners, colorful balloons and signs. Serve up scoops of ice cream in vintage-style dishes and make sure everyone goes home with their own special cone!

Ice Cream Parlor Theme

6. Beach Theme

Let your little ones pretend they’re on vacation at the beach with this tropical-themed birthday party. Create a mini beach scene in your backyard with sand, towels, umbrellas and other palm trees decorations. Have fun activities like a sandcastle competition and be sure to serve up plenty of delicious fruit!


7. Wild One Theme

Perfect for any wild one, a wild-themed birthday will bring out the adventurer in your little one! Decorate with maps and compasses, hang up animal prints, and plan some fun activities like creating a treasure hunt or playing “Mountain Climbing”.

Wild One Theme ----First Birthday Themes


8. Princess Theme

Dress up your little girl as a princess on this special day! Decorate in pink, purple, and shimmery gold tones and craft up some homemade crowns for the guests. Plan special activities like a tea party or dress-up session and be sure to serve plenty of candy for a perfectly sweet celebration!

Princess Theme


9 . Wild West Theme

It is also an amazing first birthday party theme .Hang cowboy hats , bandanas and horseshoes from the walls and bring out all your favorite country tunes. Have fun activities like pin the tail on the donkey or have everyone dress up in their best western attire!

 Wild West Theme -----First Birthday Themes

10. Storybook Theme

A storybook theme is perfect for any child’s first birthday! Decorate with pages from their favorite book or characters and have fun activities like a costume party, guessing games based on the stories, and a craft station for everyone to create their own storybook. Finish up the day with a classic storytime session!


11. Carnival Theme

No matter what age your little one is, a carnival-themed party is always a hit! Hang colorful streamers and signs with fun carnival games. Set up activities and have plenty of prizes for winners. Serve up classic carnival snacks like popcorn, cotton candy and more!

 Carnival Theme


12. Care Bears Theme

Make your little one’s day extra special with a Care Bears-themed celebration. Decorate with bright colors, balloons and of course, plenty of teddy bears! Have fun activities like an obstacle course or make it a movie night with their favorite Care Bears flick. Add little bear party favors!

Care Bears Theme ---First Birthday Themes

13. Fairy Garden Theme

Create your own magical fairy garden for an enchanting birthday celebration. Hang up flower decorations and add a few potted plants to bring the outdoors inside. Have fun activities for grown-ups like searching for fairies, decorating fairy houses, or planting a magical garden!

 Fairy Garden Theme

14. Construction Site Theme

Perfect for any little builder, a construction site theme is sure to bring lots of smiles. Decorate with bright yellow and orange, create cardboard trucks and diggers, and let your little one dress up in a hard hat – it’ll be a birthday they’ll never forget!


15. Mermaid Theme

Let your little one explore the magical world of mermaids with a mermaid-themed birthday! Decorate with sparkly streamers and hang up seashell decorations. Have fun activities like making accessories or playing “Mermaid Hide & Seek” and be sure to have plenty of ocean-inspired treats for everyone to enjoy.


16. Tea Party Theme

A classic tea party is always a sweet theme to incorporate. Set up a pretty table with small sandwiches and petit fours, and have fun activities like decorating cupcakes or crafting teapots! Don’t forget the special hats for the guests – it’ll be a memorable event .

Tea Party Theme ---First Birthday Themes

17. Sports Theme

Does your little one already have their favorite sport? Throw them a birthday bash that celebrates it! Decorate with banners, streamers, and signs that reflect their sport of choice. Have guests make team posters or play a friendly game during the party!

Sports Theme


18. Alice in Wonderland Theme

Take your little one to a magical world with an Alice in Wonderland themed birthday. Hang homemade cards , craft rainbow cupcakes and let dress up the little one as the character! Have fun activities like a Tea Party or a Maze game for an unforgettable birthday.

Alice in Wonderland Theme ---First Birthday Themes

19. Winter Wonderland Theme

A winter-themed celebration is perfect for any chilly season! Decorate the room in icy blues and whites, bake up a snowflake cake, and even put together little snow-design cupcakes. For older kids, plan a special outdoor activity like ice skating.

 Winter Wonderland Theme


20. Elsa’s Frozen Palace Theme

Who doesn’t love Frozen? This is among the most adorable first birthday themes. Bring the magical wintery tale to life with a Frozen-themed party. Decorate in blues and whites, hang snowflake decorations from the ceiling, and have some fun activities like a scavenger hunt or a build-your-own-snowman contest!

 Elsa's Frozen Palace Theme ----First Birthday Themes

21. Space Theme

A space-themed birthday is really amazing for little explorers. Hang star decorations from the ceiling and let your little astronaut dress up in a space suit. You can even play some space-themed games like “Guess the Planet” !


22. Circus Theme

The circus theme is also great for the first birthday. Decorate with bright colors and hang your own circus signs. Have fun activities like face-painting, balloon animals, or a mini carnival with simple games.  Circus Theme

23. Disney Characters Theme

Bring all the classic Disney characters like Mickey and Minnie to life with a special birthday party! Dress up your little one as their favorite character, decorate with posters and cutouts of their movie heroes, and even plan some fun activities like playing “Pin the Tail on Mickey” or other games.

 Disney Characters Theme -----First Birthday Themes


24. Superheroes Theme

Transform your little one into their favorite superhero with a superhero-themed birthday bash. Hang decorations of their favorite superhero, craft up some homemade masks as party favors, and plan some fun activities like “Superhero Relay Race” or “Save the Day!”. This is among the kids’ favorite first birthday themes.

Superheroes Theme

Superheroes Theme ---First Birthday Themes

25. Baby Shark Theme

Let your little one dive into a Baby Shark-themed birthday! Decorate with colorful streamers, hang up shark decorations, and plan some fun activities like making ocean-inspired art projects. For the perfect treat, make sure to serve up some delicious fish tacos!

Baby Shark Theme


26. Legos Theme Party

Bring out the Lego lover in your child with a special Lego-themed birthday! Decorate the room and tables with colorful bricks, have some fun activities like building competitions and “Who Can Build the Tallest Tower”, and serve up some delicious LEGO-shaped snacks for everyone to enjoy. Don’t forget to hand out some Lego-shaped party favors, too!

 Legos Theme Party ---First Birthday Themes

27. Harry Potter Theme

Decorate with Hogwarts decorations and place settings, have fun activities like making their own wands and serve up delicious treats . The kids will surely enjoy the wizard world theme.


28 . Pirate Theme

Set sail with an exciting pirate-themed birthday celebration. Use homemade treasure maps, craft pirate ship decorations and let your little one dress up as a little pirate! Plan some fun activities like a pirate treasure hunt for a party that will be remembered for years to come.

Pirate Theme


29. Jungle Theme

Immerse your little one in the wild with a jungle-themed birthday celebration! Use homemade animal decorations and create fun games like “Pin the Tail on the Monkey” or a jungle dance party. Dress up the baby in a jungle theme costume. Serve some fresh berries and fruits!

Jungle Theme ----First Birthday Themes

30. Thomas the Train Theme

Hang up streamers and balloons in bright blues and reds, decorate with Thomas figures, and plan some fun activities like playing “Thomas Says” or crafting their own train cars. Serve up some delicious train-shaped snacks for everyone to enjoy!


31. Unicorn Theme

Who doesn’t love a unicorn-themed birthday celebration? Decorate with sparkles and rainbows and use some unicorn decorations. Dress up the baby as the magical creature and enjoy some fun activities like a unicorn scavenger hunt .

 Unicorn Theme

 Unicorn Theme ----First Birthday Themes


32. Dinosaur Theme

Roar into action with a dinosaur-themed birthday celebration. Decorate with homemade dinosaur decorations and dress them up as a dinosaur! Have some fun activities like dino egg hunts to make sure the party is truly fun!

 Dinosaur Theme


33. Farm Theme

Get down on the farm for your little one’s birthday. Use some farm decorations and let your little one dress up as an animal they love! Plan fun activities like a barnyard dance party or an egg hunt to make sure everyone has a fantastic time!

Farm Theme ----First Birthday Themes

Farm Theme


34. Race Car Theme

Is your little one already revving their engines for their first birthday? Decorate with homemade race car decorations and let your little one dress up in their favorite racing gear. Have some fun activities like a remote control race car races to make sure everyone has a good time!


35. Candyland Theme

Sweeten up your child’s first birthday with a Candyland theme. Add lollipop decorations , make cotton candy party favors and let your little one dress up as their favorite sweet treat! Have fun activities like a gingerbread relay race to make sure everyone has a sugar-filled time!

Candyland Theme -----First Birthday Themes


36. Super Mario Brothers Theme

Let your little one experience excitement with one of the classic first birthday themes. Use Mario decorations, give mushroom party favors and dress up the little one like one of the characters!  Super Mario Brothers Theme


37. Camping Theme

Take your little ones on a mini camping adventure with a camping themed birthday celebration. Decorate with tents, sleeping bags, and and plan some fun games .Stock up on all their favorite outdoor snacks .  Camping Theme -----First Birthday Themes

38. Art and Craft Theme

Let your little one’s creativity shine with an art and craft-themed birthday celebration. Use art and craft decor, plan some fun activities like painting or creating their own masterpieces, and set up a DIY station for everyone to get creative! Let your little one dress up as an artist and have a blast at this colorful party!


39. One Sweet Peach Theme

Take your little one’s birthday to the tropics with a One Sweet Peach themed party. Decorate with peach decorations, craft pineapple and coconut party favors, and let your little one dress up in their favorite tropical fruit coloured dress! Have fun activities planned accordingly.

One Sweet Peach Theme

40. Very Hungry Caterpillar Theme

For a very special first birthday celebration, create the world of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Decorate with colorful butterflies and caterpillars and artwork you’ve created inspired by the book, and serve up some “very hungry” foods like cupcakes and cookies.


41. Peter Rabbit Party

Hop into your own little wonderland with a Peter Rabbit-inspired birthday bash. Decorate in soft pastels and woodland prints, create homemade invitations shaped like carrots, and serve up vegetable snacks for the guests. Craft some special bunny party favors and don’t forget to put out some fun games like “Pin the Tail on Peter Rabbit”!

These great first birthday themes are amazing for first birthday party and one trip around the sun can be used for future parties for the baby turning two , three or more.


Checklist Of Items For First Birthday Party:

  • Invitations
  • Birthday cake or cupcakes for the dessert table
  • Smash Cake for baby and other sweet treats on cake table
  • Snacks and drinks
  • Decorations (party supplies like streamers, pink or blue balloons, banners,balloon garlands, cake toppers, party hats and a perfect backdrop etc.)
  • Games and activities
  • Party favors for guests
  • Entertainment (face painting, clowns, magicians, etc.)
  • Camera to capture memories
  • First birthday outfit for baby
  • Plates, cups and cutlery
  • Table covers and napkins.

All these baby’s first birthday party themes can be even more special with thoughtful preparation. From choosing a creative theme to invitations and decorations, there are lots of ways to make your little one’s first birthday extra special. All guests will absolutely love these fun first birthday themes and it will be an unforgettable birthday.


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