26 Gender Neutral Baby Shower Themes To Make Your Celebration Special

26 Gender Neutral Baby Shower Themes To Make Your Celebration Special

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This article is all about Gender-Neutral Baby Shower Themes and Gender-Neutral Baby Shower Ideas.

What is a gender-neutral baby shower?

It is a baby shower that celebrates the arrival of a new baby regardless of whether it’s a boy or a girl. It’s an opportunity for parents to be to gather with family and friends to share happiness and joy, without having to focus on the baby’s gender.

Gender-neutral baby showers create an atmosphere of celebration that can be tailored to the parents’ unique style and interests. Choosing a gender-neutral shower theme allows guests to get into the spirit of the occasion, and there’s no shortage of ideas for gender-neutral baby showers. These are suitable for both boys and girls and can incorporate a variety of ideas, colors, decorations, and activities to make the event memorable.

Here are a few themes you can use to create an exciting and memorable experience:

Gender Neutral Baby Shower Themes List


1. Storybook Theme

For this gender-neutral theme, decorate with beloved book characters like Winnie-the-Pooh or The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Make it a game to see who can come up with the most baby names from storybook characters.


2. Safari Theme

For this theme, think of animals of safari like giraffes, lions and elephants. Add stuffed animal decorations around the room and serve themed snacks like jungle-fruit salads or animal-shaped cookies.

Safari Theme ---Gender Neutral Baby Shower Themes

3. Space Theme

This is a great theme for science and astronomy lovers. Decorate the room with stars, planets, moons and rockets. Have a space-themed snack table with items like astronaut ice cream.

Space Theme


4. Garden Theme

A garden party is sweet, simple and a perfect way to celebrate a baby shower! Fill the room with lush greenery, flower arrangements and colorful balloons. Serve traditional favorites like cucumber sandwiches and tea for a truly delightful experience.

Garden Theme ---Gender Neutral Baby Shower Themes


5. Rainbow Theme

Use the colors of the rainbow to make your baby shower stand out! Use bright streamers , fill buckets or vases with colorful gumballs or jelly beans, serve rainbow foods like a seven-layer dip or tie-dye cupcakes.

Rainbow Theme

6. Woodland Theme

A perfect idea for a nature-inspired party is an amazing woodland-themed baby shower! Decorate the room for a woodland baby shower with rustic elements like tree stumps and moss, use woodland animals decor, and serve treats that call to mind woodland creatures like owl cakes or acorn-shaped cookies.

Woodland Theme --Gender Neutral Baby Shower Themes

7. Circus Theme

A circus-themed baby shower is sure to be a hit! Hang a rainbow of colorful streamers and decorate with stuffed animals. Serve popcorn, cotton candy or mini-pretzels for a festive touch.


8. Nautical Theme

The nautical theme baby shower is great for expecting parents who love the ocean. Decorate with navy and white stripes, anchors and fish-shaped balloons. serve seafood-inspired treats like fish tacos or shrimp rolls.

Nautical Theme


9. Ice Cream Social Theme

Everyone loves ice cream, so why not make it the theme of your baby shower? Serve up a variety of ice cream flavors and all your favorite toppings. Decorate with colorful sprinkle-covered balloons and vibrant streamers.

Ice Cream Social Theme ---Gender Neutral Baby Shower Themes


10. Carnival Theme

Bring the carnival to your baby shower! Hang bright colors from the ceiling and set up games like a ring toss or bean bag throw. Serve traditional carnival treats like funnel cakes and hot dogs for an exciting experience.

Carnival Theme


11. Vintage Theme

Create a nostalgic atmosphere by using vintage elements at your baby shower. Hang lace doilies, old-fashioned flower arrangements and mason jars filled with candy for a truly unique look.

Vintage Theme ---Gender Neutral Baby Shower Themes


12. Picnic Theme

This theme is ideal for an outdoor baby shower! Set up blankets and pillows in the yard or park, fill picnic baskets with appropriate foods like sandwiches and chips, and hang lights or paper lanterns to create a cozy space.

Picnic Theme


13. Western Theme

For this theme, think cowboy boots, bandanas, and straw hats! Serve snacks like mini-tacos or nachos for a truly authentic experience. And have guests dress up in western wear for an extra touch.


14. Under the Sea Theme

This is a perfect gender-neutral theme for an underwater-inspired baby shower! Use vinyl fish and ocean scene decorations, serve treats like mermaid cookies or blueberry ice cream, and use sand to complete the look.

 Under the Sea Theme ---Gender Neutral Baby Shower Themes

15. Tropical Theme

Create a breezy atmosphere with this tropical-themed baby shower! Use brightly colored streamers and tiki torches, fill the room with fresh flowers and serve treats like coconut cupcakes or pineapple smoothies. Give out leis as party favors for a special touch.

16. Rustic Theme

This theme is amazing for a country baby shower. Add bales of hay and repurposed wood, serve BBQ or finger-foods like chicken wings, and decorate with mason jars filled with wildflowers.

Rustic Theme

Rustic Theme --Gender Neutral Baby Shower Themes


17. Farmhouse Theme

Bring the feel of a farm to your sweet baby shower! Incorporate rustic-style decorations like wagon wheels or old tools and serve classic farmhouse foods like homemade pies or cobblers. Give out baby chicks as party favors for an extra special touch.

Farmhouse Theme

18. Green Baby Theme

This eco-friendly-themed baby shower is all about celebrating the environment! Decorate with potted plants and succulents, serve vegetarian or vegan snacks, and use recycled materials for decorations to help reduce your environmental impact. Give out reusable water bottles as party favors to promote sustainability.


19. Tea Party Theme

This theme is perfect for a classier baby shower! Serve traditional tea party treats like sandwiches and scones, hang lace doilies from the walls and use delicate florals to decorate. Give out teacups or saucers as party favors for an extra special touch.

Tea Party Theme --Gender Neutral Baby Shower Themes


20. Puppy Theme

Who doesn’t love puppies? Hang pictures of cute pups from the walls, serve puppy chow and puppy decor cake, and have a puppy costume contest for an extra special touch.You can use this theme in traditional pink and blue colours. Give out stuffed animals as party favors to help the guests remember the fun time they had!

Puppy Theme

21. Jungle Theme

This theme is perfect for a wild baby shower! Decorate with vines, leaves and bright colors, serve tropical treats like pineapple cupcakes or mango smoothies, and use animal cut-outs decor. Give out jungle animals as party favors to finish off the look.


22. Cowboy/Cowgirl Theme

Get your boots on for this fun western-themed baby shower! Decorate with lassos and bandanas to decorate, serve classic BBQ or country-style snacks and have the guests dress up in western wear for an extra touch. Give out bandanas or cowboy/cowgirl hats as party favors.

Cowboy/Cowgirl Theme --Gender Neutral Baby Shower Themes


23. Pop Baby Shower Theme

This theme is all about colour and fun for a fun twist on the classic baby shower! Use colorful streamers , serve treats like cake pops or lollipops, and make sure to include plenty of balloons for an extra special touch. Make colourful candies packs as party favors .

 Pop Baby Shower Theme

24. Beach Theme

Bring the beach to your baby shower with this perfect theme! Add palm leaves to the walls, serve tropical treats like pineapple smoothies, and decorate with seashells for an extra special touch. Give out leis as party favors to remember this fun time!

Beach Theme --Gender Neutral Baby Shower Themes


25. Teddy Bears Theme

This classic theme is perfect for any baby shower! Add stuffed teddy bears for decor, serve treats like bear-shaped cookies or honey cakes and make sure to include plenty of plush toys for an extra special touch. Small teddy bears can be given as party favors.

Teddy Bears Theme

26. Stars Theme

This whimsical theme is perfect for a star-studded baby shower! Add stars decor to the walls, serve treats like star-shaped cookies or cupcakes and make sure to include plenty of twinkle lights. Give out moon & star necklaces as party favors to help them remember the special day. Create a night sky of your own and let the celebration begin!

These themes for gender-neutral showers are the perfect and fun way to celebrate a new arrival!


Gender-Neutral Baby Shower Ideas

A gender-neutral baby shower is a beautiful way of celebrating the pending arrival of your little one. Here are some fun ideas for planning a memorable, gender-neutral event:

1. Start with an invitation that doesn’t reveal the baby’s gender. Use non-gendered language as much as possible and incorporate soft pastels, polka dots, or stripes into the design to keep it neutral.

2. Decorate with soft shades of green, yellow, pink, and blue. Choose decorations that are neutral in nature such as streamers, balloons and flowers.

 green, yellow, pink, and blue decor for a neutral baby shower

3. Have a “guess the gender” game where the guests can fill out cards guessing whether it is a boy or girl and turn them into the mom-to-be at the end of the shower.

4. Plan a diaper cake or baby clothes bouquet as the centrepiece of the shower. Use items in neutral colors such as white, light yellow, tan, and green to make them gender-neutral.

5. Have a variety of activities that are suitable for both boys and girls such as bingo, arts & crafts, or a shower-themed scavenger hunt.

6. Provide an array of gender-neutral treats like cupcakes with light pink or blue icing, or ones decorated with animals and polka dots.

 gender-neutral treats

 gender-neutral treats

7. Create a special memory book where guests can write messages to the baby as well as share their favorite childhood memories and wishes for the baby’s future.

8. End the shower with a special gender-neutral gift for the mom-to-be, like a spa package or an experience that she can enjoy after her little one arrives.

9. Set up a gender-neutral gift-wrapping station with a variety of ribbons and paper in neutral colors.

10. Make a photo booth with props that are appropriate for both boys and girls, such as animal masks, tutus, bowties, or funny hats.


FAQs About Gender Neutral Baby Shower Themes

Q1: What is the most popular gender-neutral baby shower theme?

A: Popular gender-neutral themes include woodland, nautical, tropical or farmhouse.


Q2: What type of food should I serve?

A: You can serve anything from finger foods to mini desserts. Popular choices include cupcakes, sandwiches, and fruit platters.


Q3: What type of baby shower favors can I give out?

A: Favors are used for saying thanks to the guests for their participation at the baby shower. Popular gender-neutral favors include stuffed animals, candles, coffee mugs and keychains.


Q4: How do I make the baby shower special?

A: You can make your baby shower unique by adding personal touches such as a hand-made guest book, personalized decorations, or fun activities like an art project.


Q5.What do you wear to a neutral baby shower?

A: Attire for a gender-neutral baby shower can range from casual to dressy, depending on the theme and tone of the event. For a more casual event, try wearing a cute sundress or jumpsuit. For dressier affairs, you could wear a floral wrap dress or an elegant midi skirt with a blouse. Remember to accessorize with your favorite jewelry and a pair of stylish shoes!


Q6.What colours for a neutral baby shower?

A:The most popular colors for gender-neutral baby showers are pastels such as light pink, mint green, and lavender. You can also choose bolder colors such as yellow, orange, blue, and purple. Silver and gold are often used to add a touch of sparkle to the event. When choosing decorations or favors, try to incorporate a color scheme which is complementary to each other.


Q7.What type of games can you play at a gender-neutral baby shower?

A: There are a variety of interactive and fun games you can play at a gender-neutral baby shower. Popular choices include diaper party bingo, guess the baby food game, name that nursery rhyme, and baby photo match. You can have a set craft station so your guests can make decorations or cards for the new baby. Other activities include creating a time capsule with items that will remind the parents of their joyous occasion when they open it many years later.


Q8.What type of dessert should I serve at a gender-neutral baby shower?

A: Desserts give your baby shower party a special touch. Popular gender-neutral desserts include cupcakes, cake pops, mini pies, and macarons. You can also get creative with your dessert table by adding fun items like lollipops, ice cream cones, or delicious cake balls! Don’t forget to add some colorful decorations or fresh flowers around the dessert table for an added touch of elegance.


Q9.What type of music should I play at a gender-neutral baby shower?

A: You can add music which is appropriate for people of all ages, such as lullabies and children’s songs. You can also opt for more upbeat tunes such as oldies, pop songs, or classical music. If you’re feeling extra creative, you can make a customized playlist with both types of music that will suit everyone’s tastes. Don’t forget to add some playful background music during the baby shower games! It will create a fun and festive atmosphere.


Q10.What type of decorations should I use for a gender-neutral baby shower?

A: When decorating for a gender-neutral baby shower, you can choose from many different styles and colors. Some popular ideas include balloon arch, streamers, banners, centrepieces and table decorations in various shades of pastel colors. Add special touches like framed photos or mementos that carry sentimental value. No matter what decorations you choose, be sure to have fun with it and make the baby shower a memorable event for all.

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