How To Look Expensive : Budget Friendly Tips

How To Look Expensive- Budget-Friendly Tips

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Looking good and stylish doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune. In fact, there are plenty of ways to look expensive on a budget with just some simple tricks.

Everybody has their own style, so the key to looking expensive is to stay true to who you are. Stick with pieces that make you feel confident and comfortable, but also invest in a few timeless pieces that will give you the luxury look.

Here is our amazing guide on to look expensive .

Tips on How To Look Expensive


1. Invest In Quality Basics

Investing in high-quality basics like a great-fitting pair of jeans, trousers, blazers and shirts will help you create an outfit that looks expensive without breaking the bank. Quality garments are timeless and can easily be dressed up or down with accessories such as scarves, jewelry and belts.

The entire look will be pulled together with a few quality items that you can wear over and over again rather than buying cheaper items that will just fall apart after the first wash.

With fast fashion rise, it is tempting to buy many low-priced items. However, consider investing in higher-quality pieces that will last longer.

Invest In Quality Basics

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2. Stick With Neutral Colours

Neutral colours such as black, grey and navy blue look classy and sophisticated, while bright colours can come off as tacky or too juvenile. Stick to neutral tones when purchasing clothing and accessories; this will help you create a timeless look that won’t go out of style anytime soon.

A black dress or white top paired with a neutral-coloured blazer will instantly look expensive and chic.

Stick With Neutral Colours


3. Look For Classic Pieces

When shopping, focus on timeless pieces such as a trench coat or a blazer that can be combined with any outfit. Such garments can be worn for years and will always look fashionable.

These can give a million dollars look to your outfit. A classic watch, a pair of sunglasses or a handbag can also bring out an expensive vibe in any outfit.

All the rage right now are statement pieces, such as leopard print blouses or bold-colored shoes. These can be great additions to your wardrobe, but they should be used sparingly in order to keep the look expensive and timeless.

Look For Classic Pieces



4. Find Good Deals

It’s possible to look expensive on a budget if you know where to shop for the best deals. Online stores and outlets are great places to find discounted fashion items. Look for quality materials and fabrics.

Brand billboard creates a misconception that only designer items will make us look expensive, however, it’s not true.

It’s about combining the pieces together in the right way to create a timeless and fashionable look.

Find Good Deals


5. Opt for quality fabrics

Avoid cheap-looking materials like polyester blends when looking for clothing items to purchase. Instead look for clothes made with quality fabrics such as wool, cashmere or silk. These fabrics will last longer and look more expensive with chic sophistication.

High-street fashion can also help you look expensive on a budget. Many stores have great clothes made with quality fabrics and materials.


6. Accessorize Smartly

Adding a few select accessories can instantly give your outfit an upgraded feel without breaking the bank. Invest in a few quality pieces such as a designer watch, purse, scarf, belt or jewelry to elevate any outfit.

Accessorizing affordable clothes makes all the difference.

Gold jewellery or pearl earrings are a great way to add an expensive touch. Keep the jewellery simple and classic – less is more when it comes to looking luxurious.

Accessorize Smartly

Oversized sunglasses changes the entire look, they can make you look more expensive with the least effort. Invest in a pair of designer sunglasses that will last for years .

Wear sunglasses

Accessories can really elevate your look, so add some stylish pieces like a structured bag or a statement necklace to complete the ensemble. Use accessories sparingly though, accessories can make the look appear tacky.


7. Tailor Your Clothes

Another amazing way of making the wardrobe appear expensive is by having tailored pieces for a perfect fit. Any off-the-rack item can easily be dressed up with a few alterations and will instantly look more high-end.

Wearing a chic outfit with a tailored look is sure to make you stand out.

Tailor Your Clothes


8. Wear High Heels

Heels are an awesome way to quickly give your dress a more sophisticated look. Opt for black or nude heels as they are classic colours that will never go out of style. Red heels make a bold statement too.

Wear high heels


9. Wear Perfume

It’s nice to always wear a good quality perfume as it can make you smell more expensive. Pick a scent that is light and not too overpowering. A nice fragrance will give you an aura of sophistication and class, which can be enough to make you look like a million bucks.

Wear Perfume


10. Don’t Show Too Much Skin

Too much skin is not a classy look; instead, opt for clothing which flatters your body shape without revealing too much of it.


11. Wear Solids And Stay Away From Prints

Solid colours always look more expensive than busy printed fabrics. Stick to solid tones and you can never go wrong.

Wear Solids

12 . Avoid Flashy Logos

Designer logos can be a hit or miss and too much branding on your clothing can make you look tacky. Opt for subtle logos or no logo at all for the most expensive look.


13 . Be Confident

At the end of the day, looking expensive is about feeling confident in what you wear and how you carry yourself. With the right attitude and confidence, you can make any outfit look expensive. Be Confident


14. Invest In A Good Hairstyle

Your hairstyle should be neat, tidy and well-maintained. Invest in quality styling products and enlist the help of a professional hairdresser to find a look that best suits you and makes your outfit stand out.

Invest in Good Hairstyle


15. Don’t Follow Trends

Trends come and go, so it’s best to avoid them when creating an expensive-looking wardrobe. Stick to classic colours and timeless pieces that won’t go out of style anytime soon.


16. Use Existing Wardrobe

Take a look at your wardrobe and see if there’s anything that you can use to create an expensive-looking outfit. You don’t need to buy new clothes all the time – mix and match pieces from your existing wardrobe with some accessories to create a unique, high-end look.

Tucking a plain, solid-coloured t-shirt into your trousers or skirt is an easy way to instantly look more expensive look rather than wearing expensive clothes.

Use Existing Wardrobe


17. Invest In Quality Lingerie

Invest in quality lingerie and ensure that it fits well. Quality lingerie can instantly make you look more polished and expensive, even if you’re wearing a simple outfit.


18. Take Care Of Your Clothes

To keep your wardrobe looking expensive, take proper care of it. Hang up garments instead of folding them and store items in garment bags. Iron clothes to keep them looking crisp and wrinkle-free.

Always read the care instructions on each item and follow the right steps for washing and drying, as this will help prolong the life of the fabric.

Keep your work attire neat and polished for a more professional look. 

Take Care Of Your Clothes


19. Invest In Quality-Fitting Jeans

A well-fitted pair of jeans can look expensive when paired with the right top and accessories, so invest in quality denim that fits you perfectly.



20. Invest In A Quality Coat

Coats can be expensive but they are worth the investment as they last much longer than any other garment. Look for timeless pieces that will never go out of style, like a wool peacoat or a trench coat.

A long coat can change any overall outfit look and instantly make you look more expensive.

Invest in Quality Coat


21. Stick To Well-Known Brands

If you have some extra money to invest in clothing, these luxury brands will undoubtedly make your wardrobe look more expensive.

A few statement pieces from Coco Chanel or Louis Vuitton will add glamour to your look.

Stick To Well Known Brands


22. Pay Attention To Detail

Focus on clothes fitting, accessories and footwear. Even small touches like choosing well-crafted buttons or brightening up an outfit with a pop of colour can make a huge difference in your overall look.


23. Good Makeup

Makeup plays a huge role in any outfit. Opt for subtle tones such as nudes and pinks to give your look an expensive feel. Matte lipsticks and neutral eyeshadows can really make you stand out from the crowd. Subtle contouring with blush and highlighter can create a polished look.

Good Makeup


24. Get Opinions From Others

Before investing in a luxury item, get opinions from others to make sure it won’t go out of style anytime soon. This helps in saving money and ensuring that your wardrobe looks expensive for years to come.

Not everyone possesses the same fashion taste. You can get great advice by taking other people’s opinions.

Get Opinions From Others


25. Always Dress For The Occasion

Dressing for the right occasion is key to looking expensive. If you’re going for drinks with friends, opt for something comfy but polished. And when attending a formal event, invest in a suit or cocktail dress that will make an impression.

Always Dress For The Occasion



26. Choose Timeless Pieces

When creating an expensive-looking wardrobe, opt for timeless pieces that will never go out of style. Think classic blazer, little black dress and tailored trousers.

Designer items, structured bags and long coats go a long way too.

Choose Timeless Pieces


27. Clean Your Bag Regularly

Make sure to keep your handbags clean and well-maintained. This will make them durable and keep the expensive look for many years to come.

Black bags particularly need regular cleaning.

Clean Your Bag Regularly


28. Get Manicures

Invest in regular manicures that will make your nails neat and polished. This is an often overlooked detail but can make all the difference in making you look expensive.

Get Manicures


29. Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment

Don’t be hesitant in experimenting with different fashion styles and trends. After all, it’s the unexpected combination that makes an outfit look expensive. Try mixing textures, unexpected colour combinations and other unique styling tricks to find your signature look. By embracing fashion trends and accessorizing with jewellery, you’ll be able to create a unique, expensive-looking wardrobe in no time.


30. Have Fun With It

Fashion is all about expressing yourself and having fun, so don’t forget to have some fun while creating an expensive-looking wardrobe!

With these tips, you can create an expensive and rich-looking wardrobe that is timeless and classic with beautiful pieces tailored to your style. I hope these tips will help you create the perfect wardrobe that will make you look and feel amazing.

Do share with us your fashion journey and tips in the comment section below.

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