How To Organize Baby Clothes:19 Genius Tips

How To Organize Baby Clothes: 20 Genius Tips And Tricks

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Organizing baby clothes can be a time-consuming task, but this does not need to be. There are various creative ways of organizing baby clothes. Once you get the hang of organizing baby clothes, you’ll find that it’s actually quite easy and rewarding.

Here are some tips for getting started:


Ultimate Tips On “How To Organize Baby Clothes”

1. Sort Out Clothes

Sort through all your baby clothes big pile that he has grown out of, these tiny clothes should be stored in a separate bin, so they are out of the way and won’t get mixed up with your baby’s current wardrobe and new clothes.

Sort Out Clothes ---Tips To Organize Baby Clothes

2. Separate Clothes Into Categories

Sorting by type can help you keep track of what’s where especially if you have multiple sizes for different ages or stages of growth. Separate clothes into categories like tops, bottoms, dressy outfits, pants, diaper covers and pyjamas.

Separate Clothes Into Categories ---Tips To Organize Baby Clothes

3. Create A Colour-Coding System

Color coding is among the best ways to store clothes. It’s especially helpful if you have multiple sizes for different ages or stages of growth. By using a color-coding system, you won’t have to search through all the baby clothes to find the right size.


4. Hang Or Fold Items

Depending on the space you have available, decide whether to hang or fold your little one’s clothes. Hanging is a great option for dressy clothes and outfits with special details like frills or embroidery. Folding, on the other hand, is better for bulky clothing like sweaters.

Hang Or Fold Items ---Tips To Organize Baby Clothes

5. Store Larger Items In Bins Or Drawers

Larger items like blankets and bedding should be stored away so they don’t get mixed up with daily wear and leave space. Keep them in a bin or drawer that is easily accessible.

6. Label Everything

Group items together in labelled bins. Labeling all the bins, drawers, and shelves helps you to easily find whatever you need. You can use labeled stickers or tags or simply write on the containers themselves.


7. Repurpose Containers

If you’re short on storage space, think outside the box (or bin!) and repurpose other containers. Plastic shoe boxes make great organizers for small items like socks and hats.

Repurpose Containers ---Tips To Organize Baby Clothes

 8. Donate Outgrown Clothing

Once your baby has grown out of their clothes, consider donating them to a local charity instead of throwing them away. This will help somebody who’s needy and also free up more space in your home.

Donate Outgrown Clothing ---Tips To Organize Baby Clothes

9. Invest In A Closet Organizer

A closet organizer can be a great way to organize clothes and other items. It’s an especially good solution if you’re tight on space.


10. Keep A Running List Of What Your Baby Needs

Keep track of what items your baby needs, and make sure to add them to the list when they outgrow their current clothes. This way makes you updated and avoids having too many or too few items.


11. Rotate Items As Needed

As the baby grows, your storage space need will increase. Make sure to rotate items and relocate them when required to make extra room for newer items.


12. Hang Up Special Occasion Outfits

Special occasion outfits should be hung up or stored in a garment bag to keep them looking their best.

Hang Up Special Occasion Outfits ---Tips To Organize Baby Clothes

13. Use Hooks For Easy Access

If you have limited closet space, consider using wall-mounted or over-the-door hooks for easy access to everyday items.


14. Utilize The Door Back

The door back is a space-saving place for hanging up hats, scarves, and other accessories.

15. Make Use Of Vertical Space

Make the most of your closet space by utilizing all available vertical space. This could include hanging shelves or shoe racks.

Make Use Of Vertical Space ---Tips To Organize Baby Clothes


16. Keep Seasonal Clothes In A Separate Area

If you have a lot of seasonal clothing items, such as winter coats and bathing suits, store them separately and bring them out when needed. This will help keep your main closet organized and wrong season clothes don’t occupy space.

 Keep Seasonal Clothes In A Separate Area ----Tips To Organize Baby Clothes

17. Take Inventory

Periodically take inventory of items in your closet to make sure you have all the necessary items. This is especially important when babies grow quickly and clothes are constantly changing sizes.


18. Get Creative With Storage

Baskets and bins can easily fit into tight spaces, and hanging pockets are a great way to maximize vertical space.

Get Creative With Storage ---Tips To Organize Baby Clothes

19. Clean Out The Closet Periodically

Take time every few months to go through your baby’s closet and make sure everything is still in good condition. Donate or discard any items that are no longer needed, and put away seasonal items and hand-me-downs that are not currently being used. This will make your closet clutter-free.

With these tips, you can create an organized and functional storage space for all of your baby’s clothing easily.


Helpful Stuff To Organize Baby Clothes

1. Hanging Wardrobe Organizers

Hanging wardrobe organizers are an easy and efficient way to store baby clothes and accessories. They are easily available in many sizes, shapes and styles, making them perfect for closets of any size.

2. Drawer Dividers

Dividers can be used for dresser drawers and are great for separating items like socks, hats, and bibs. They are perfect for keeping items organized. Place the most needed items in the top drawer.

Drawer Dividers --- Stuff To Organize Baby Clothes

3. Labeled Bins

Labelled bins are useful for organizing items like blankets, linens, and extra clothing items. This will make finding stuff easier when needed.

4. Wall-Mounted Racks

Wall-mounted racks are used for organizing hats, jackets, and other items that don’t necessarily fit in a drawer or closet. They can also be used for displaying special occasion outfits.

5. Changing Table Storage

Your changing table can double as a storage solution. Place baskets or drawers underneath it to store extra items, like diapers, wipes and a changing dress.

6. Shoe Racks

A shoe rack and shoe organizer are great for organizing baby shoes in a closet or entryway. This will help keep all of your baby’s little shoes organized and easy to access when needed.

7. Decorative Baskets

Decorative baskets are perfect for storing extra linens, blankets, and other items. You can choose the colour and style of these baskets to match your nursery décor. Decorative Baskets --- Stuff To Organize Baby Clothes

8. Hanging Shelves

Hanging shelves are a great way to maximize vertical hanging space. They can be used for organizing items like toys, books, and other accessories.

9. Clear Storage Bins

Clear storage bins are amazing for items like extra bedding and seasonal clothing items. This will help free up closet space. You can even get these from the dollar store.

10. Pegboard Walls

Pegboard walls are good to store items like baby accessories and other small items. These are space savers and make finding stuff convenient.

11. Stackable Shelves Or Boxes

Stackable shelves are awesome for shoes, toys and other items. This maximizes the storage space.

Stackable Shelves Or Boxes----- Stuff To Organize Baby Clothes

12. Hanging Garment Bags

Hanging garment bags help to store bulky winter coats. They can also be used for organizing special occasion outfits.

13. Wall Hooks

Wall hooks are great for hats, coats, and backpacks. This will be convenient for placing items you need on the go.

14. Door Hangers

Door hangers are perfect for organizing items like jackets and sweaters. It will save time from having you search through dresser drawers every time you need them.

15. Closet Dividers

Closet dividers are perfect for separating baby clothing items. Choose a perfect size to fit your closet.

16. Closet Door Storage

Closet doors are great for organizing items like toys, hair bows and extra clothing items. This will keep the closet looking tidy and neat.

17. Extra Closet Rails

Closet rails are a great way to store items like jackets, coats and routine dresses. Adding an extra rail will maximize the use of the space you already have.

Extra Closet Rails--- Stuff To Organize Baby Clothes

By using these storage ideas, you can easily create an organized and functional storage space for all the clothes baby wears.


FAQs About Baby Clothes Organization

Q1: How often should I declutter my baby’s closet?

A: It is important to regularly declutter your baby’s closet to ensure that everything has its place and stays organized. Aim to do a thorough clean out of the closet every few months or as needed. This will refreshen the wardrobe while maximizing storage.


Q2.How can I maximize clothing storage space in my baby’s closet?

A. Maximizing the storage space in the baby’s closet is done by using vertical space. This can be done by installing hanging shelves, pegboard walls, and over-the-door organizers. You can also use stackable shelves and boxes to help maximize space.


Q3. How do you fold and organize baby clothes and onesies?

A. Folding baby clothes is easy and can be done quickly. Start by folding the clothing items in half lengthwise, then fold the top section over and roll or fold the item. This will help keep all of your baby’s clothes neat and organized. Properly folded items can also be stored in baskets or drawers, making it easy to find what you need.


Q4. What to put in the baby nursery dresser vs closet?

A. It is a good idea to use the dresser for clothing that needs to be folded, such as onesies and t-shirts, while the closet can be used to store items like jackets, sweaters, and special occasion dresses. Hanging organizers also store smaller items like hats and socks in the closet.


Q5. How can I make my baby’s closet look nice?

A. To make your baby’s nursery closet look nice, you can add decorative baskets and boxes that coordinate with the room decor. Wall art or wall decals are a cool way of adding some personal touch. Adding colourful shelves or hanging organizers can help you keep the closet beautiful and aesthetic.

This should give you a starting point for organizing your baby’s closet! With thoughtful planning and the right organizational tools, you can easily create a functional and stylish storage space that you and your little one will love.

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