60 Best Graduation Party Games For A Fun Party

Graduation Party Games

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This article is all about Graduation Party Games.

Looking for fun graduation party games? Here are the most amazing and fun graduation party games ideas to keep everyone entertained. No party is complete without a few silly games that make the party atmosphere lively! Let’s have a look at some of the best graduation party games to keep your guests entertained:

Graduation Party Games List

1. Guess Who?

Have each guest write down a personal fact about themselves on a slip of paper and put them in a bowl or hat. All the facts should be anonymous, so no one knows who wrote what. Then let everyone take turns guessing who wrote what based on clues given by the author.

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2. Name That Tune

Create a playlist of songs from the graduate’s childhood or high school years and have everyone guess the title of each song before it finishes playing. This is great for reminiscing about old times!

Name That Tune -- Graduation Party Games

3. Memory Lane

Ask each guest to bring an item that reminds them of their high school years, a yearbook, or a favorite photo. Place all the items in the middle of the room and have everyone take turns describing the person or event associated with each one.


4. Graduation Trivia

Create a list of trivia questions about the school year or graduation topic that everyone can answer. It will be a great interactive game.


5. Movie Quotes

Have everyone write down a famous movie quote related to graduation, school, or college life on a slip of paper and put them in a bowl. Everyone can take a turn making their guesses about who said the quote and what movie it was from.


6. Charades

Draw names from a hat and have each guest perform a charade related to the graduation theme while everyone else guesses what it is. The person to guess correctly earns a point.


7. Scavenger Hunt

Create a list of items for guests to find in the area, such as a yearbook, a school cap or gown, etc. The person to find all items on the given list wins!

Scavenger Hunt

8. Graduation Jeopardy

Create categories related to graduation and have everyone answer questions within each category for points. The highest scorer is the winner.


9. Create Your Own Yearbook

Have everyone write something they loved about the graduate and have it put in a special yearbook that can be presented at the end of the party.


10. Balloon Pop

This is an easy game to set up; blow up some balloons with small pieces of paper inside them and have guests pop them to see who gets lucky. The winner can get a special prize!

 Balloon Pop --- Graduation Party Games

11. Graduation Card Game

Have everyone write down their favorite memory about the graduate on a card and have them put it in a bowl. Take turns drawing cards from the bowl and reading memories aloud. This will be a sentimental and funny game!


12. Photo Booth

Set up an area with props, backdrops, and fun accessories for guests to take photos with the graduate. This adds a great touch to any graduation party!

Photo Booth

13. Ball Toss

This game is simple yet fun. Set up a basket and have guests take turns throwing balls into it. The one with the most points wins!


14. Musical Chairs

Put some graduation-themed music on to get everyone in the mood and start playing this classic party game! It’s always a hit!


15. Pass the Parcel

Wrap some presents in different layers with a piece of paper inside and have guests take turns passing it around until the music stops. Whoever ends up with the parcel unwraps it to find out what’s inside.

Pass the Parcel --- Graduation Party Games

16. Pin the Hat on the Graduate

Like Pin the Tail on Donkey, the activity requires a picture /poster of the graduate and some graduation hats. Let everyone take turns trying to place the hat in the right spot!


17. Word Scramble

Write down words related to graduation on pieces of paper and scramble them up. Have each guest guess the word it is and whoever answers the most correctly wins!


18. Find The Baby

This is a fun twist on finding objects in a picture game. Have everyone look for the graduate’s baby photo in a collage of pictures and see who finds it first.


19. Alumni Trivia

Create trivia questions about famous graduates from the school and have everyone guess the answers. It will keep everybody interested in the party.


20. Graduation Relay Race

Create teams of two and have them compete in a relay race using graduation items such as hats, diplomas, or books. This will be a super fun game!

Graduation Relay Race

21. Crossword Puzzle

Create a crossword puzzle or word search with graduation-themed words and have the guests find them.


22. Graduation Toasts

Have each guest give a speech about the graduate to congratulate them on their accomplishments.


23. Graduation Time Capsule

Have everyone write down their favorite memories from high school and place them in a time capsule that can be opened at a later date.


24. Graduation Gift Exchange

Have everyone bring in a gift with a certain theme or value limit and exchange them with other party guests.

Graduation Gift Exchange --- Graduation Party Games

25. Graduation Banner

Have everyone write down their favorite memories with the graduate and hang them up on a banner as a keepsake of the celebration.


26. Memory Match

Print out multiple graduation-related pictures and have guests make pairs of them. It will be a fun way to test their memory and knowledge!

Memory Match

27. Graduation Bingo

Create a set of grad-themed bingo cards using words or phrases associated with the graduate and play the game following regular bingo rules.


28. Congrats Video Montage

Have each guest record a special video message for the graduate and compile all of them into one big video they can cherish for years to come.


29. Create Graduation Art

Give each guest some colored paper, markers, and other art supplies to make a creative statement about the graduate or anything they would like to celebrate.

Create Graduation Art --- Graduation Party Games


30. Name Tag Mixer

Write each guest’s name on a tag and have them stick it to the back of someone else’s shirt. Everyone has to guess who they are without turning around. This will let the guests know each other!

 Name Tag Mixer

31. Throwback Thursday

Print out old photos of the graduate from high school, divide everyone into teams, and make them guess which year each photo was taken in. The team who answers the most right wins!


32. Graduation Scrapbook

Have everyone bring in a special page they have made for the graduate’s scrapbook, such as photos of them together or words of encouragement.

Graduation Scrapbook --- Graduation Party Games

33. What’s in the Bag?

Fill up several bags with graduation-themed items and have each guest guess what’s inside. It is also a fun interactive game.


34. Karaoke

Put on some graduation-themed music and have everyone take turns singing, either in teams or solo. It’s great for celebrating and having fun!


35. New Beginnings Wishes

Have each guest write down a wish for the graduate’s future and place them in a jar. The graduate can take out one wish each day to remind them of the loving support they have.


36. Graduation Hot Potato

Have everyone sit in a circle and pass around an object, such as a graduation cap, while music plays in the background. When it stops playing, whoever is left holding the object is out and the last person left wins!

37. Graduation Mad Libs

Create a funny story about the graduate and have everyone take turns filling in the blanks with silly words they suggest. It is an amazing lighthearted way of celebrating!


38. Congrats Dance Off

Put on some fun graduation-themed tunes and have guests compete to see who can dance the best. It will add excitement and laughter to any graduation party!

Congrats Dance Off

39. “What I Learned”

Have each guest write down one thing they have learned from the graduate and read them out loud to everyone. It’s really good for showing appreciation for them!


40. Congrats Piñata

Hang up a piñata with graduation-themed goodies inside and let everyone hit it until the treats come pouring out.


41. Jenga Challenge

Build a tower with graduation-themed blocks and let each team try to pull out one without causing the whole structure to collapse. The team with the majority of blocks standing wins!


42. Mini Golf

Set up a mini golf course with graduation-themed hurdles and have all guests try to get the ball into the hole in as few shots as possible. Mini Golf --- Graduation Party Games

43. Graduation Word Search

Create a word search using graduation-themed words and have guests compete to see who can find the most words in the shortest amount of time.


44. Board Game

Create your own board game based on the graduate’s journey throughout high school or anything you like. Have fun!


45. Design A Card

Have each guest make a special card for the graduate, using construction paper, markers, glitter, etc., to wish them luck in their next adventure.

Design A Card

46. Graduation Scratch Cards

Hand out scratch cards with different prizes or messages for the graduate and let everyone reveal what they’ve won.


47. Graduation Party Hop

Divide everyone into two teams and have them take turns hopping around the party while performing graduation-themed tasks. The team who finishes the tasks first wins!


48. Movie Marathon

Choose some of the graduate’s favorite movies from high school and have a movie marathon. Have plenty of popcorn and snacks ready!

Movie Marathon --- Graduation Party Games

49. Photo Collage

Have everyone bring in old photos of the graduate from their high school days to put together a special photo collage as a memento of the occasion.


50. Graduation Wishes Tree

Set up a tree or wall decorated with graduation wishes and have each guest write a special message for the graduate. They can hang the messages on the tree or wall to create a lasting memento of their big day.

Graduation Wishes Tree

51. Art Competition

Divide everyone into two teams and have them take turns drawing graduation-themed images or words with only one hand while competing against each other. The team with the best artwork wins!


52. Graduation Debate

Make two teams and have them debate on graduation-themed topics, such as what the graduate should do after they finish high school or which subject was their favorite. The team with more compelling arguments wins!


53. Graduation Skit

Divide everyone into two teams and have them come up with funny skits that revolve around a graduation-themed story. The team with the most humorous skit wins!


54. Talent Show

Have guests take turns showcasing their talents with graduation-themed performances, such as singing, dancing or playing instruments. The most talented person wins!

Talent Show --- Graduation Party Games

55. Minute to Win It

Set up a series of fun Minute to Win It games with graduation-themed tasks, such as balancing books on your head or spinning a hula hoop around your waist. The person completing the tasks is a winner.


56. Dessert Challenge

Set up a dessert challenge and have everyone come up with creative ways to decorate cupcakes, cookies or cakes in honor of the graduate’s big day.

Dessert Challenge

57. Advice Jar

Have each guest write down words of advice, encouragement, or a congratulatory message for the graduate and put them in a jar. The graduate can take out and read one message each day as a reminder of the love and support they have.


58. Graduation Cap Decorating

Hand out plain graduation caps and let everyone decorate them with markers, glitter, beads, etc. The most creative cap wins!

Graduation Cap Decorating --- Graduation Party Games

59. Graduation Crafts

Have each guest make a special DIY craft for the graduate, using construction paper, markers etc., to wish them luck in their next adventure.


60. Graduation Pictionary

Divide everyone into two teams and have them guess graduation-themed words or phrases while competing against each other. The team with the most points wins!

These are just some of the many fun and creative ways to celebrate a graduation. You can also come up with your own ideas to make the graduate’s special day even more special!

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